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Christian Voigt manages to find images on his trips that leave us in awe of the world. That might even be his biggest talent, hidden amidst his photos that convey almost hyperrealistic perfection. We stand in front of the images like a child amazed by his first fireworks display and rediscover our sense of wonder for some precious moments. In these moments, Voigt's monumental pictures open up to us like vast pools for the senses. We gently lose ourselves in an archetypal dune landscape that evokes the realm of myths and fairy tales, and then find ourselves in the historical architecture of an ancient Egyptian temple. Our thoughts cross continents and cultures in these images. They open up breathtaking horizons, where authentic living culture meets the aesthetic culture of images. A new adventure of the senses awaits us with each image.

Pages: 208

Dimensions: 290 x 370 mm

Publication Date: 17-08-2015

SKU: 11314

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